Friday, December 30, 2011

Gray Elizabethan

Well, after nearly 15 years away from any Ren Faire participation, or costume creation for that matter, I have embarked on creating a few Elizabethan and Tudor Gowns. But first up is the Gray Elizabethan.

I found an elephant/pewter gray tone cotton velveteen piece of cloth and have created the hoops, roll, underskirt, starter corset(yes, it's a working corset, it needs replacing with better). This weekend, the New Year, I am beginning work on the bodice. I figured it was the closest to period I can get and well, velvet in cotton is costlier and so thick. Not to mention that it is so hard to find a cotton velvet.

Stay tuned for the struggles with trims. I may even get some basic beading done on this one.

Now, the hunt for the best faires in California!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Stash pull out

I am plotting for this new years costumes already. I found myself wanting to get ready for some Teens and Titanic costumes this year. I figure that they will be easier than most to manage at CoCo next year.

I was so mad that I hadn't had the chance to really costume much this year. Sp, I better get cracking to make next year better. There were some fabulous costumes I saw. Maybe next year I will qualify for someone to take pictures of me.

Friday, July 29, 2011

CoCo2011-The Meet Up

Last night we had a blogger meet up at CoCo and well, I was embarassed that I wasn't in some cool vintage outfit or Tiki recreation. You know, all year long I have been trying to find the time to make something. So this coming year,I need to get a 1930s and a teens dress knocked out.

I am in my room on the first day of Con, lacing up costumes I brought. I even had to procure tape for that, what a surprise. I have to shop for ribbon tonight to be the right color for a costume, of course, and drool over hats!

Well, better get this done! Eep.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Le Petit Trianon Event

Okay, what have I set myself up for? I thought, oh, I haven't been to a Guild even in a while. I really should challenge myself and get some costuming done. What was I thinking. I have started to work on the costume, but made the mistake of going to Kindra's Demode site and looking at the pouf demo page since that workshop had been sold out. Wow. Okay, can I do this. I could try to mangle a wig.

Okay, I guess I better get off my butt and start. I put some underpinnings on the mannequin and will be looking over the patterns and start drafting the underskirt. Ack.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Summer and Time to Create

I have been drudging away all year, running the business, working, having to work on the teaching credential. It's time to create.

I have three costumes stuck in my head and it's time to get them out.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How I Hate Button Holes, Let Me Count The Ways

So, yet again I have another fear blockage happening. I have got the skirt done for the new Steam Punk outfit for Steam-Con, mostly done. I guess I count done as all the main seams and just need to finish hemming. But I have been working on a shirtwaist, the 1909 Beatrix Shirtwaist by Sense and Sensibility, which so far has gone together fairly quickly. I only had to adjust on a seam a bit on the puffed sleeve, unlike other patterns of theirs where I have had to do a lot of adjusting.

Anyway, it's coming down to doing the bazillion button holes down the front. I dread this every time I have to do something like this. Why? Well, I have got a fairly new and good machine. It has a button hole feature. It is easier to do the button hole than on the old Pfaff. I guess it's the button hole gremlins. What is a button hole gremlin you may ask? It happens when you have done all the necessary prep for the perfect button hole. You find that after you have made up your practice pieces, you have perfectly wound up your bobbins so you can be consistent, go slow and all. And you will get a mutant button hole right in the middle of the blouse! Right where you will notice it. Or near the neck. The slubby monsters attack. The button hole mutates and then you must spend hours, if not days, picking it out.

So then, you procrastinate. You sew all the other bits that you can, you start several times, then walk away. I know, it is ridiculous. But it's blocking me right now. I only have a few weeks and gotta get it done. Now of course this migraine is not helping either.

Okay, I will practice with the practice bits, I will get past this road block. I will go forth.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Costume College 2009-Saturday Interview

Here at last with roomie Jennifer from Ruby Raven. Having a blast, finally got into a costume after being here 3 days. Just tee shirts and jeans, sewing, making wigs and general mayhem. So, the story so interview with Jennifer

Janet:What has been the most exciting part of CoCo this year for you?

Jen:Being able to experience costumer's work first hand is an invaluable experience. You know many costumers from the net and actually seeing it, you can learn so much more seeing and feeling than just from photographs.

Janet: What is good about the classes, what needs improvement?

Jen:One of the things that could improve the costume college experience is if they would classify the costume college workshops by skill level. This would help keep the novice costumer from getting in over their heads in some of the more advanced classes. Costume College offers so many great classes, that they do offer plenty of opportunities for costumer's of all skill levels. It would be helpful if class descriptions included more information about pre-requisites.

Janet:Would this benefit new costumers by having them enjoy the experience? You and I have been doing this for a while, but there is something to be learned at all levels?

Jen: Yes, it would be helpful to everyone, at all levels to know what they need to know before the class.

Janet: Do you think it would be a good idea for CoCo to have more remedial or say skill building classes say on the first day, progress on the next day?

Jen:Yes, there was some programming for basic sewing techniques, but maybe break that down into over several days.

Janet: So, perhaps the answer is to have a structured class that would be like, the skills for " Before you take that Corset Class", minimum skills you should know before you plunge into the first corset class...

Jen: Yes, that would be great. The the student could enjoy the class!

So, we progress into the 3rd hot day here in L.A.

The LA Garment District, an experience not to be missed.

For as long as I can remember, in costuming all the costumers I have know have driveled on about going to the fashion district in LA. Streets filled with fabric, buttons, trim, you name it. I decided this year that I had to get there. I own a costume related business, I need to check out new suppliers, and really see what they have to offer.

So, it was hot, 100 plus and we were in trim mania land. Wow, what an experience! Exhausting to say the least. I need to come down again in like 6 months and do some more exploring for product to sell. I have also made some good networking happen so I am quite pleased. And...

I finally got the Caraco mostly done, enough to wear. And got some pictures of it. So I will have something new up here, hopefully this weekend!